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Return Policy Snapzo


A person who buys goods from Snapzo.in our terms Retailer’s Return Will be applicable only when the following cases are found:

  1. Wrong product delivered( Brand Issues, Size Issues, Weight Issues)
  2. Quality not delivered what was promised( Leakage, Fungi, Packaging Issues)
  3. An order canceled: In case the retailer has canceled the order before shipment RTO needs to be raised.
  4. Address not found: If During the time of delivery the address of retailer is not found (Zip code Issues, the wrong location added) then again the product will be raised as RTO. However again the next day the delivery will be attempted if the retailer confirms the details.
  5. The buyer asks us to hold the shipment for 2-3 days at the time of delivery (Shop closed today, not having enough funds to pay for a delivery, not in town, etc).In this case, also the product will be raised for RTO. In case the retailer needs the product again he needs to punch the fresh order.)

A person who sells his product on Snapzo platform in our case Traders:

  1. Buyer refuses to take the product (RTO will be raised).
  2. Buyer is unavailable at the delivery address (RTO will be raised).
  3. Buyer is not having enough cash to Pay( RTO will be raised).
  4. Buyer is not reachable or request future delivery (RTO will be raised).
  5. Product Quality not good( Damaged or tampered) RTO will be raised.
  6. Different product is delivered(Brand Issues, size Issues, Quality Issues, packaging Issues, weight Issues, leakage issues, fungi issues) RTO will be raised.
  7. In case the retailer has raised RTO but the trader has not received his product within 15 days, full payment will be made by Snapzo as per the bill.
3PL - 3 party logistics

Since the logistics is not owned by Snapzo and is run by logistics partners they should also have clarity on return terms:

  1. Any variant found missing as per bill ,the logistics partner has to bear the expense.
  2. RTO is initiated by Retailer and pick up is also done by it is not delivered to Trader.
  3. In case the logistics partner loses a return challan they will be held accountable for the same.
  4. Unsuccessful delivery needs to be reported at EOD with remaining products in vehicle otherwise a reverse challan will be Issued to the logistic firm.